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US Capitol Photo By Louis Velazquez


Maunica Sthanki, Government Affairs and Social Impact Consultant in Washington, DC

Maunica Sthanki



[mon·i·kuh staan·key]

As a daughter of stateless refugees with over two decades of experience in advocacy, Maunica helps organizations cut through the noise and identify opportunities for change. She demystifies politics by providing clients with a big-picture understanding of the political landscape, as well as a detailed analysis of the nuances of policy.


Maunica has deep ties to policymakers at the legislative and executive branches of government, as well as strong connections to the advocacy community nationwide. Maunica has worked with a variety of clients including Fortune 500 companies, philanthropic foundations, global mobility law firms, and non-profit advocacy groups.

From representing detained immigrants at the Southern border to teaching in law schools, to drafting legislation for the House Judiciary Committee, Maunica has consistently advocated for change and understands the layered and complex obstacles impeding progress.

We have decades of experience serving at the highest level of policy, law, politics, and advocacy. We understand that organizations seeking to engage in advocacy can be intimidated by the quagmire of politics. We work to demystify policy and the political landscape so organizations can make better-informed decisions.

We do not use a cookie-cutter or one-size-fits-all approach. We leverage our expertise to help organizations create highly personalized solutions for every client.

About Maunica

Our Approach


We are a boutique, high-touch consulting firm. We do not take a one-size-fits-all approach. Our services are personalized to maximize each client's goals and objectives.


We are selective about the projects we take on. We only work with clients when we know we can make a meaningful contribution to an issue.


We are not your typical government affairs firm. We provide concierge-style strategic thinking to advance your policy goals. We do not farm clients out to junior staff.


We value honesty and mutual respect. We will be straightforward about the limitations of advocacy while trying to push the boundaries of what is possible.


We like to solve problems. We are used to working on complex policy issues and we enjoy finding creative ways to advance our clients' policy goals.

US Capitol Photo By Caleb Fisher
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